You can submit your exterior modification/improvement request here.

If you have a question whether something needs to be approved by your HOA, please contact us.

Example of items that need approval:

  • swing sets
  • deck/patios
  • any exterior color changes
  • trees, major landscaping
  • basket ball hoops
  • etc…

Things that do not need approval:

  • mulching, flowers
  • trampolines (as long as it is not a permanent fixture)
  • etc…


Type of Alteration/Modfication Requested::
Estimated Completion date (most be started within 30 days of approval)::
Name of Contractor:
Contractor E-mail:
Contractor Phone:
Color and Types of materials to be used:
Upload a Plot MAP (This is required for you will be making any exterior modifications):
Upload Building Permits if required by the city:


Why do we need the plot map? In order to have an official approval, we need to be able to indicate that any pending projects will not violate any “no build zones” or encroach on a neighbors property.

Also keep in mind that placing anything on a utility easement means the city has the right to up root anything on top if they need to.

Here is an examples of a plot map