Hi fellow OSCer’s——

It occurred to me recently that I had been living in Columbus, Ohio, specifically, Oldstone Crossing (which I affectionately call “The OSC” even though I know it’s wrong grammatically) the longest I had lived anywhere as an adult. Must count for something right? When we moved in the focus was the house, the first one we had ever built, and all the features and how to get the darn builder to do what we wanted……there were promises made, and many not kept, but soon the focus switched to all the families who had just done the same as us. Many of you had already lived in Columbus, (this was my second time moving here, being a bit of a rolling stone), but many were also coming from other states or countries. My husband, Ken, and I soon got involved as trustee (him), social committee chair (me), and through this, we really got to know a lot of the early builders, and started to become friends with those who were moving into subsequent phases. (I hesitate to name phases here, as I have been warned at many a trustee or neighborhood meeting NOT TO BE PHASIC).

I’m not telling you anything you don’t already know, but for a neighborhood plopped into the northern suburbs of a mid-size town of Ohio (albeit a famous one, because of a certain college football team), the OSC is rich in diversity, culture, and just plain great folks. You can live here and participate socially or keep totally to yourself. You can be grilling on your deck or patio and your neighbor will come by with something unusual or highly spiced to try, then another shows up with a glass of wine needing an opinion. I’ve long walked in this neighborhood and it’s hard to get around the block without stopping for a chat on the latest wreck in the intersection (THAT is a whole other topic) and how the weather is so crazy. I admit I must sometimes walk in the early morning hours just to get around the block uninterrupted but even then, I love waving at all the early-go-to-workers, I know their cars, and they know I’m the bundled up, almost homeless looking person walking around at 5 am.

Maybe more importantly, I’ve been to your families’ wedding and funerals, seen your kids grow up with my only child,  celebrated far more birthdays with you all then I care to count, and I know this may seen obvious, but we live in a really special place. My husband tells me this neighborhood is full of smart people……..we both know how people care about what goes on here as evidenced by the last crowded OSC meeting in May that went on REALLY long, as there was lots to discuss and even argue a bit about. But that just means people care about the community they live in enough to show up and speak publicly about it. So, if you want to or choose to, get involved or just come to A Friday In The Driveway. We are all incredibly busy and don’t have loads of time for MORE STUFF TO DO, but I know that right next door are my friends and almost a second family that I would trust in a million situations, and have.

Here’s to living in the OSC—-now where is my neighbor Patt with that wine???