Submit your improvement requests online here. You do need to submit a PLOT MAP with the improvement marked on the PLOTMAP . See the bottom of the form for more details. The PLOTMAPS were provided to you at closing when you purchased the home. If you are not the original builder of the house, and do not have the PLOT MAP, you will need to get a copy.

Where to get a copy?

"Where can I get a survey of my property?

Surveys are not typically filed in the Recorder's Office. Contact your lender or title company for this information. If your home is in a subdivision, a plat map will typically be available. A plat map is a drawing showing dimensions of a lot with streets, alleys, building lines, etc. drawn to scale. You can search our records for plat maps by using a subdivision name. A plat map will not show any buildings or blueprints. The Franklin County Auditor's office manages a public access map room where users may print customized Geographic Information System (GIS) maps. The available customized data layers include building footprints, lot dimensions, and some utilities."

The google Forms require you to log into google in order to upload any documents directly, If you do not have a google account and do not want to create one, you can just email the document directly: